19 July 2010

Disclaimer on Changing Chips

Just a word of caution; the MSP430G2231 in my LaunchPad was seated pretty firmly.  I've written my tutorial code for the G2211, and so following it exactly requires changing the chips out.  If you're not careful about it, you can really mangle the pins on the G2231 when you try to pull it out.  Get yourself an IC extractor, or pry at it carefully and evenly from underneath.  If you do end up bending some of the pins, you should be able to bend them back into place if you're careful.  If you break off a pin... well, consider yourself warned.

Anyone have some good tips on pulling out DIPs?


OCY said...

If the air is dry, be aware of possible statics that could damage the chips.

Always touch the ground pins or pads before you touch anything else on the board.

Anonymous said...

Don't pull it out. Use a small, flat, screwdriver and carefully lever it out of the socket. Make sure it stays somewhat level on all axis or you'll bend the pins and even though they'll bend back the first time they might break the next time.

NJC said...

After a lot of practice you can do it easily with your fingers. The trick is to take your thumb and your pointer finger and pinch the sides that the pins are not on.

DO NOT just pull up, that's how you break the pins or bend them. The trick is to leverage it against the board and use both your fingers as a wedge almost. You can still bend pins this way, but only the ones on the ends, and if your careful you won't bend any. Having small fingers help. Hope that made sense, it's hard to explain with only text.


plazma said...

The socket model used is crap. I'll change it to a spring loaded model. You easily destroy the pins with this kind of socket.

This style is much better:

OCY said...


Some chips are very vicious. When you try to pull them out with your fingers, at first they would not let go of the socket. Then, at the last minute, they jump out of it, do a somersault, and bite your finger.

I had a lot of practice. I had a s-100 board with sixty four 1103 chips on sockets.


Anonymous said...

Permanently install a ZIF socket in the existing machined pin socket if the chips are to be replaced frequently. A few extra dollars here will save damaged chip pins for ever.

Jordan Tryon said...

I use to use a fork before I bought a IC Extractor. Just slide one of the prongs under the chip all the way, then lift up in a level manner.