17 July 2010


For those who have put comments on, I apologize for not having moderated them promptly.  The blog is now set so that anyone can post without signing in, and it will notify me when I need to moderate them.  I'd like to moderate them just so I'm aware when someone says something-- I trust everyone, but I don't trust myself to go back and look.  This way I get to learn from y'all!

Also, while I've posted up the initial tutorials, they may change and edit a bit more as I read through them again and find errors.  Thanks for your patience!  My LaunchPads should be arriving on Monday, so look forward to a little more then!


Primoz said...

Keep up the great work! Expanding msp430 community with great blogs is something we all want :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know this blog has been the best beginner resource I've found for getting me going programming my msp430. Fantastic work, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also find this to be a very useful tutorial. Very nice work and thank you very much!