07 May 2012

Dr. Olson

Boy, it's been a long time since I've worked on this blog. The good news is that, as of this month, I have finished my doctoral degree and will now (hopefully) have more time to dedicate to working on it! There are still many, many more ideas and projects I have in mind, so I hope those who have been here before will stick around, and those looking for new help will find it.

Thanks, everyone, for the patience and kind words that have consistently rolled in over the past few months. There are still a number of comments I have yet to moderate, mostly because I need to give them some thought before I can respond. I don't want to just post them, because I'm afraid I'll never respond if I do. =)


justin said...

glad to see you posting again

cBorsky said...

Your tutorials are actually helping me with programming my Ti Launchpad msp430!

Albeit slow, I like learning through trial and error with new things.

It's a habit, I suppose.

Anyway, I am currently attempting to interface two MSP430 MCUs together and have one send data to another and vise versa.

Continue on the blog man, you still have fans!

cBorsky said...

I left a rather lengthy comment, but Blogger decided not to pass it onto another form.

Thank you for the continued work on the blog.

You're older posts helped me learn the basics of the MSP430 MCU.

I am currently attempting to interface two MSP430 MCUs together in sync, and maybe I will accomplish that.
It doesn't seem too hard, and I already have a whole flow chart and a code base to write on.
I love notes.

Anywho, continue on man!

Anonymous said...

I'm also really glad. You really opened my eyes in the world of MSP430.. Your blog has been my homepage for the last month. Keep up the good work!

Kjell said...

Nice you now are back with new tutorial. Will use your tutorial to learn more about MSP430. You are using the G2231, but the launchpad now comes with G2553 and G2452. Will the code work just changing the #include line?

Unknown said...


That's an excellent point-- there are a number of things that have changed over the past few months. I'll have to order some of those particular devices to try.

I expect the code should work just fine with these devices-- though especially for UART this isn't the ideal way for the newer value line devices. These have the USCI peripheral, which has UART functionality built into it. Once this tutorial is done, I plan on looking at some more advanced tutorials, which will include the USI/USCI peripherals.

The other tutorials should work fine; it seems both the devices you mention have a comparator and an ADC. You'll want to be sure you know which pins correspond to the inputs for those. When I get my hands on a couple of those devices, I'll try them out myself.

Ido Gendel said...

Dear David,

I just discovered your blog, while looking for clear explanations of the MSP430 Launchapd. You did an amazing job here! I'll be reading all these posts thoroughly, and will be happy to see more!