29 May 2012


If you haven't already noticed, I've decided to try enabling AdSense on the blog.  I figure I'll give it a shot; if it's not too intrusive I'll leave it there.  Send me feedback and let me know what you think-- there may be better ways to fund my hobby.


Anonymous said...

The only comment I would do is if you could somehow get all the advert either on the right or the left it would be very good.
Now I am off to read your site as I just receivec my TI-Launchpad

David said...

Thanks; I've changed it to the format you've suggested. Definitely makes things a little cleaner. =)

Good luck with your new LaunchPad!

Anonymous said...

Yes much better!

Not quite sure how Adsense works but I will make sure to click a few links each time I visit your site :)