16 October 2011

Question for Readers

We're fast approaching the end of what I would call the 'basic tutorials', and the point where I'll move on to interfacing with the real world and other cool toys and devices. Unfortunately, that means I need some cool toys and devices. In brainstorming ways to help fund this little hobby, a friend suggested to me that I might consider using Google AdSense on this blog. If I were to do so, I would want it to be unobtrusive, as my intent is not to sell things for other people. How would you feel if I were to do this? Would I be better off thinking of another way to raise a little hobby revenue?


Jon said...


AdSense would not bother me at all. You may also offer an eBook of all your posts. Once the basic tutorials are finished you could call it Part 1 the Basics and when you finish with other article you could bring out Part 2. It would be great to have and I would buy one to support the site. Adding pictures to the book could be an added benefit for people who paid. It eliminates any shipping or production costs and would be easy to set up with PayPal. Just my thoughts.

Take care,


Peter said...

AdSense would not bother me too. And I would also like to buy something from you. I like the ebook idea but real paper book is good idea too. See: http://www.blurb.com/create/book/blogbook

Nagasaki45 said...

I would really like to donate to help improving this blog (not much, just 10$) but there is no "Donate" button.
The TI workshop and other resources make me almost gave up of learning the MSP430 but this site put me back on the road.
Again, thanks a lot!

David Olson said...

Perhaps at some point I might consider setting up some system like that, but so far the AdSense option seems to have worked well. There are many generous followers of this blog who have taken time to show interest in the businesses being advertised, which I'm certain they appreciate as well.

I'm not looking to make money off of this blog, as its intent is really to further my own education and contribute to the knowledge available for everyone. The funds I do receive are going toward projects that will encourage me to continue on with the tutorials and experiments here. Hopefully those will continue to be helpful to everyone!