21 August 2010

Still Alive

I've had a number of people ask about the long delay since my last post, so I thought I'd put a quick note up to give you an update. My deadline to deliver the instrument I'm building for my Ph.D. research is coming up in a couple of weeks. As such, I'm spending 10-14 hours a day in the lab, and haven't had a moment to think about the blog in a while. Once the instrument is delivered, however, there will be lots of time opening up. I have had lots of ideas and do have lots of plans for this site, so thanks for your interest and patience! I'm really encouraged by the good reviews I've gotten for what I've written up so far. I do really think the MSP430 can be a very important tool in developing instruments for use in or out of a laboratory, and we'll get to try some out soon.


Scott said...

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your tutorials. I have recently ordered a LaunchPad from digikey (still waiting for it to ship, but that is a different story!) and I was reading up to get an idea of how to program it. Your tutorials are in depth and straight forward. Good luck with your PhD and I look forward to any more information you post.

Adam said...

Glad to know this blog hasn't succumb to the dark depths of the webs yet. I really enjoy this blog. I got the launchpad instead of an arduino because of the price point and that the code used is similar to many other micro controllers. Ive scoured the net and this is by far the blog that is written with the most patience and understanding of the steep learning curve involved. For that i thank you and look forward to the next tutorial